Bébé Marionnette is proud to present

A high-end baby wear line especially designed for newborns and toddlers

Bébé Marionnette designs feature, but are not limited to, hand-made embroidery, soft pure cottons, angelically smooth silks and high end top quality fabrics

Currently, the variety of chic and stylish designs available for babies under 24 months is very limited.
Bébé Marionnette is designed
to fulfill that need, and cater to
that specific niche, for parents
who long to dress their babies
in beautiful, ultra-chic, luxurious
clothes that are also practical and comfortable.

Friends and relatives looking
for the ideal baby gift,
and parents looking for the
perfect fit, will find everything they need at the boutique or at the exclusive department store featuring
Bébé Marionnette designs.

For more information and orders, please call
+494 10 469 099 100

ONLY Items on pages 1, 14 and 15
are available at this time.